Hello Clients!

VillagerHost has recently under-gone some huge new developments, and we wanted to share this exciting news with you. If you have not already, follow our Twitter account for the latest updates and news.


Free Automatic Sub-Domains

You will now see some added features to your control panel, which includes our brand new sub-domain tool, as well as a quick link for support. Subdomains are free for VillagerHost clients, and allow you to create your own instantly - so instead of connecting to your regular server IP and Port, you can simply just connect to yourserver.villagerhost.net  - No ports or long numbers! This is completely free, and is usually instant thanks to Cloudflare. 


New Server Location

We have now launched our brand new Montreal, Canada location for North America. This new location is more powerful than ever, and includes full DDoS protection, SSD drives and Xeon processor to provide you with ultra-fast hosting. We are offering free server-transfers for all existing clients, which you can simply do by creating a new support ticket. We recommend all current Dallas Texas, USA clients to take up this transfer. If you are happy with your current location, then your server will remain - as we will not be extending this location or re-stocking for the future, and instead focusing on our new locations which will provide better performance and connections for the majority of clients. 


New Website & Billing Area

You may have also noticed our website and billing area has under-gone a huge new revamp! We hope you like it! This is to add a full range of our services, as well as ensure our website is more user-friendly. The billing area has been revamped with a brand new design, which we hope you do like. Over the coming month, we will still be making tweaks to this. Our new plan limitations do not effect our existing clients please note - and our terms of service and privacy policy is the same as before. 


From VillagerHost

From everyone here at VillagerHost, we aim to ensure our clients are happy at all times. If you ever have any questions, comments or issues - our support tickets are open 24/7, and our LiveChat during normal operating hours for fast support! We will still be working on minor fixes and changes over the coming month or so - as well as exciting new features, services and more! Keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you.






Saturday, May 16, 2020

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